Data Trends For May

Ad spend is up compared to January 2020 benchmarks, with +42% growth and 52%  year over year (YOY). Curious how much you should be spending on ads? Or what kind of ROAS to expect? Use our ad calculator to find out.


May saw some slowed growth when it came to deal pipelines (likely due to Holiday’s) however the volume of closed deals rose 11% YOY, holding steady coming out of April. If you’re looking to upskill your pipeline management, we have the guide for you.


The volume of active conversations peaked last month at +24% above benchmark and +16% growth YOY. Keep an eye on your inboxes and chatbots — folks had a lot to say in May!

Sales Calls

The number of May sales calls were 81% above the benchmark. Driving high-quality call volume is key here: we’ve learned that capturing dial data with tools like Conversation Intelligence (CI) can help businesses understand not only call volume, but also call quality.

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